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Welcome to my photo blog!
This is where I´ll upload pictures that I want to share
The pictures will usually be from different events, progress pictures, vacation or tutorials etc

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Aug 2012 - Wedding
Me and Emil got married on 28 july, here's pictures from our wedding.

Sep 2011 - Shinjuku
Me and Emil went to Tokyo for two weeks and had a blast! ^o^
Here's pictures from Square Enix shop. Sanrio shop. 8-bit cafe and Cat cafe

Sep 2011 - Harajuku
Pictures from Harajuku.

Sep 2011 - Akasaka
Pictures from restaurant Ninja and matsuri (festival

Sep 2011 - Akihabara
Pictures from Super Potato, Gundam cafe, maid cafe and varius shops

Sep 2011 - Mitaka and Roppongi
Pictures from Ghibli museum and Luidas bar (Dragon Quest)

Sep 2011 - Minato and Chiyoda
Pictures from Tokyo tower and imperial palace garden

Sep 2011 - Makuhari Messe
Pictures from Tokyo Game Show

Sep 2011 - Urayasu
Pictures from Tokyo Disneyland

Sep 2011 - Tokyo
Misc pictures from Tokyo