As Samus Aran (with Varia Suit)
Photo by Carl Oscar Aaro (2010)




As Samus Aran (with Gravity Suit)
Photo by Carl Oscar Aaro (1st block) Rikard Lb (2-3rd block)(2010)



Kala - Diablo III
Photo by Emil (pic 1-2) and Rikard Lb (pic 3-8) (2012)




As Raiden
Photo by Rikard Lb (1st row) Carl Oscar Aaro (2nd row) Annika Af Klercker (3rd row)(2009)



As Lucca with Frog (2015)



As Zelda from Twilight Princess
Photo by Rikard Lb (2010)




As Zelda from Skyward Sword (pic 1-4 from 2011, pic 5-6 from 2015)



As MegaMan (2013)



As Dr.Wily with MegaMan and Airman (all costumes made by me)
Photo by Rikard Lb (2015)