Thai silk fabric
Velveteen fabric
Craft foam/lion board
Clear coat (glossy/matte)
Super Sculpey
Clear resin/polyesterglas
Silikon Silcolan NV
Expanding foam
Plaster bandages
Paper maché clay
Hot glue
Createx airbrush colors
Panduro hobby colors
Wood rings
Plastic bangles

Time to complete the costume:
Two months

Materials cost:

14/5 2012 Webhallen Sveavägen Diablo III launch event
Won 1st prize on the cosplay competition


I did a personal interpretation on the design of the neck plate, front plate and nails because it was hard to see the details from the artwork and on the wig styling and back of the costume as well because there was no picture of it yet.
I also changed the shoulders a bit using a simular design as on the shoulders on my Zelda - Twilight Princess costume.